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Sizes and Prices

What's included?

Why Fibreglass?

A Flat or Sloping bottom on your pool?

The Pool Ranges

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Baby and Toddler

Canine Hydrotherapy



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What is included in your pool?

The kit includes:
Pool of your choice, underwater halogen light, sandfilter, pump, skimmer, brush-intake, input-nozzles, cleaning-set (vacuum-brush), telescopic-handle, floating pipe, scoop, panel-brush, Analysis-Set)

We can supply:
Pipe work kit
Electrical kit
Summer and winter covers (or automatic securirty cover)
Heating (and ventilation if indoors)
Pool surround coping stones
Plant housing
Pool enclosures
Swimming machines  
You will need to consider and cost:
Ground excavation and spoil removal
(if pool is in-ground)
Crushed stone (gravel) for base and backfill


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