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How can I use the Fastlane?

Learning to use a Fastlane takes only seconds. Turn the Fastlane on by pressing the On/Off button on your remote control. Position yourself on the wall opposite the Fastlane so that you can swim into the current. This will demonstrate how much room you have to swim in and how the current’s power increases as you approach the Fastlane Swim Unit.

When swimming, stay at least 12" from the Fastlane’s front grill, so plan the reach of your stroke accordingly. While it is easy to look up and center yourself on the Fastlane, we recommend our optional plastic-backed stainless steel floor mirror. Placed on the pool floor, it will help center you in the current as well as providing invaluable feedback on your stroke.

When changing speed with the Up and Down buttons on your remote control, wait a few seconds for the current to adjust. Set the water speed at a comfortable level for your needs. Remember, since you’re not turning, you will tire 20% to 30% faster than when swimming laps.

To stop swimming, simply swim out of the current. Press the On/Off button on your remote control to turn off the Power Unit. Restart if you wish by pressing the On/Off button. The Fastlane will return to your last speed. The Fastlane has a built-in safety timer that shuts the current off after 30 minutes.


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