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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How fast is the swim current?
The UK standard Fastlane has a top speed equivalent to approximately a sub 20-minute mile pace - enough for the top athletes!

2. Is the speed of the swim current adjustable?
The Fastlane produces a non-turbulent current that can be set to a speed to suit any swimming or exercise ability.

3. What are the power requirements?
The Fastlane Power Unit is the heart of the hydraulically generated swim current. Located remotely from the pool, the Power Unit requires 220 Volt, 30 Amp, GFCI service, similar to the power requirements of a common household clothes dryer.

4. Where can I put the Power Unit?
The Power Unit can be installed either indoors or outdoors. Suitable protection is required if the Power Unit is installed outdoors. If you choose to locate your Power Unit in an unprotected area, it’s recommended you purchase the optional, stainless steel Fastlane Rain Shield for added protection. The motor is not designed to be run in a wet environment.

5. What is cold weather maintenance?
At the end of the swimming season, it is recommended the Fastlane Swim Unit be removed from the swimming pool and winterized. Also, the Power Unit should be disconnected and moved inside. Freezing will not affect the oil that remains in your hydraulic hoses.

6. Will the Fastlane work with my purification system?
The Fastlane will work with chlorine (both liquid and solid), ozone, baquacil, ionizers, and some mineral systems. We do not recommend using the Fastlane in a salt water pool or with salt-chlorine generators due to the corrosive nature of salt water. If you have a question about a specific system, please call us.

7. How big does my pool have to be?
Your pool should have 200 square feet of surface area and a minimum width of 12' where the Fastlane is installed, although the unit can be used at loiwer speed in much smaller pools. Please call us to discuss.

8. How deep does my pool need to be?
You will need to have at least 35" of water depth at the location where you plan to locate your Fastlane.

9. How big is the Fastlane Swim Unit?
When unpacked from the box, the Fastlane Swim Unit is 34" tall, 20" deep and 21" wide. When the rails are attached to the Fastlane, they add an additional 2" on each side to bring the width to 25". They extend 19" above the Fastlane and 19" to the back side.

When the Fastlane is installed on your pool deck, the rails raise approximately 13" above your deck. This dimension varies depending on the height of your deck.

10. How does it attach to my pool?
There is a 6" long stainless steel mounting plate that is anchored to your pool deck. On this plate are two 1 ½" long stub tubes. The deck rails of the Fastlane slip over these stub tubes and secure it to the pool deck.

11. How far from the pool edge does the mounting bracket have to go?
The rails attach to your pool deck 16" back from the pool wall. There is a cover for the hose fitting that extends back an additional 12", so plan for 28". Keep in mind that every pool wall is different and your individual situation may vary. For more information, contact us.

12. Who's going to install it?
The Fastlane can be self-installed by a reasonably handy homeowner. If necessary, any electrical modifications should be completed by a licensed electrician.

13. How can I hide the hoses?
The Fastlane Swim Unit is connected to the hydraulic power unit by two 1/2 diameter hydraulic hoses which need to be considered for any installation. We provide at no charge one of three systems to manage these hoses as they cross the pool deck.

Option 1: Hose Cover: A 5" wide, custom-extruded rubber cover that lies flat on the deck and holds the hoses securely (up to 8 feet is free of charge).

Option 2: Deck Drain: By cutting a 2" wide trench, 4" deep across the deck, our Deck Drain channel accommodates the hoses and accepts an attractive snap on cover available in four colors: black, white, tan and grey (up to 8 feet is free of charge).

Option 3: Conduit: If you wish to hide these hoses completely, we can provide appropriate conduit material which may be buried under the pool deck.

14. Can the Fastlane be moved or removed?
The Fastlane can easily be removed from your swimming pool. Additionally, you can have several installation locations for your Fastlane as long as you have additional mounting plates and your hydraulic hoses are an adequate length.

15. How is the swim current generated? Is it safe?
For safety, all swimming machines manufactured by Endless Pools, Inc. are powered by hydraulics to keep electricity away from the pool area. Similar to the hydraulic control systems used in aircraft, the rugged five horsepower hydraulic Power Unit is located remotely with your pool equipment or in a garage or shed. Environmentally safe biodegradable vegetable oil is used to power the Fastlane. Up to five gallons of fluid flow per minute to and from the Fastlane in ½" diameter hydraulic hoses. This fluid powers the special hydraulic motor in the Fastlane, which turns the impeller and generates the swim current. All moving components are encased in sturdy stainless steel, and the Swim Unit when properly installed is sturdy enough to serve as a bench or step.

16. How much will it cost?

Fastlane can be installed for a little over £6000 incl shipping and VAT but please call us to discuss your particular site requirements so that we can give you a precise quote. 0845 260 5177