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Frequently Asked Questions . . .

1. Do you offer installation?

We are able to arrange for installation of all our pools throughout the UK. Please contact for more information.

Many of our customers prefer to install the pool themsleves or employ a builder for assisted installation.

2. How do I heat it?

Take your pick from oil, gas, electric, heat pump or solar. Our favourite is the gas or oil combi boiler as this provide a hot outdoor shower at the same time. In some cases, your existing domestic boiler can be utilized.

We can supply all types of pool heating and ventilation (for indoor pools).

3. Do I need a building to house equipment?

No! We can supply a small free standing housing for all your pool equipment such as pump, filters and controls. Fastlane can also be entirely outdoors with an optional weather shield.

4. Do you supply pool enclosures?

Yes! We offer a range of attractive pool enclosures.

Please contact for details. 0845 260 5177