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Prices and Options on your Endless Pool

The basic 'all you need to swim*' Endless Pool is currently around £18,500 including VAT and delivery into the UK (final delivery cost to your door depends on where you live).

The beauty of an Endless Pool is in the huge range of options available, allowing complete customisation to suit all needs...

- Deeper, wider or longer swim area
- Hydrotherapy jets
- Custom patterned liners
- Security covers (manual and automatic)
- Aquatic treadmill and exercise step
- Dual propulsion system for side-by-side swimming

Please contact for detailed pricing and more options.

* Includes an 8'x15' (2.4384m x 4.5720m) free-standing pool (7' x 14' x 39" swim area) (2.1336m x 4.2672m x 99.06cm swim area) 5 HP stainless-steel Water Propulsion System, Water Quality System (cartridge filter, circulating pump, timer, 5.5 kw electric heater, pool water purifier), Floating Thermal Cover, Dark Blue Liner, Pool Vacuum, and Aqua-Aerobics Exercise Bar. The pool also includes the 50 Hertz electrical equipment specifically designed for the UK market.
The options are available at extra cost.


Endless Pool 0845 260 5177