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Why An Endless Pool . . .

All the benefits of a full-size pool in an 8' x 15' (2.5 x 4.6 meters) space. These dimensions can be customised either 1/ 2 feet longer or shorter and 1 to 3 feet wider.

Install in any location as the pool is made of modular steel panels.

The pool is freestanding, allowing easy installation in almost any setting; inside, outdoors, aboveground or in-ground - in a new or existing space such as a basement, garage, porch or patio. Excavation is optional.

The pool is transportable and can be relocated.

A heater is included along with a water purification system. All you need is a hose to fill the pool and an electrical connection.

Additional Details...

Site Requirements:
Solid, level floor, capable of supporting 200 lbs./sq. ft. Can be installed above ground, partially above ground, or completely in-ground.

Minimum Power Requirements:
220 volts, 30 amps (GFCI) (assumes gas heater);

Humidity and heat loss are controlled by a floating thermal blanket or optional retractable securitycover which should be used when the pool is not in use. The Endless Pool can be insulated with up to 6 inches of rigid foam insulation.

The copper/silver water purification system virtually eliminates chlorine odor and effects.

Pool includes underwater perimeter seating and an Aqua-Aerobic Bar for hydrotherapy exercise.

The entire Endless Pool system is ETL listed, Ref. #2001779 and conforms to UL Standard #1563. Each of the electrical components of the Endless Pool are UL or CSA approved.


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