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Baby and toddler swimming, fibreglass pools for all the family

Starting from a baby, children can benefit in so many ways from swimming. Regular swimming promotes parental bonding, stimulation and improved sleep for your child. Non-Stop pools provide a range of fibreglass swimming pools ideal for turning your little one into a water baby.

With the simple addition of a swim machine even the smallest pool in our range can become as vast as an ocean. The remote controlled variable flow rate enables the Fastlane system to be flexible enough to accommodate the whole familiesí personal requirements, from Olympic and triathlon training paces to light fitness regimes or perhaps just a relaxing unwind at the end of a busy day.

A fibreglass pool and Fastlane provides a cost effective alternative to a gym. Contact us today to discuss the packages we can provide to cater for indoor and outdoor situations.

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Dad and baby are ready for action.

Baby's more at home here than Dad.

Dad's come up for a breather, baby's in her own world.

I'm really having fun now.

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