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Manufacture of your pool enclosure

1. Made in the UK from extruded aluminium sections to 6063-T6 and BS1474 specification.

2. Roof is glazed with high-tec long-life Makrolon® polycarbonate made by Röhm.

- Double-wall cell structure to ensure temperature stability. This is achieved by limiting heat loss and maximising internal reflection of heat in the enclosure.

- Mould and algae are dramatically reduced by using a ‘no-drop’ coating which limits the formation of condensation droplets.

3. Side walls glazed with 6mm thick acrylic sheets which is crystal clear, lightweight, easy to maintain and very durable.

4. Our folding concertina doors allow access into the enclosure in seconds.
- We can also include a specially designed internal door, sliding doors at the rear and sides and additional windows and vents.

- All our doors and openings use the latest safety locks to provide security throughout.

5. Metal surfaces are coated with a velvet smooth finish in our popular standard colours of brilliant white, racing green and dark brown.

- The finish is applied in a number of spray coatings of high-quality powdered polyester.

- Total adhesion to all surfaces is achieved by using a sophisticated electrostatic technology.

- Sealing brushes, manufactured from anti-static nylon fibres, are used throughout the enclosure to ensure that wind, dust, leaves, rain and snow stay outside.

6. The pool enclosure is made up of a series of modular components, which can be integrated to ensure that the enclosure can accommodate almost any shape pool, pool surround materials and adjoining buildings.

- The flexibility of the design and its adaptability will respond to your most creative and imaginative plans.

- Besides the standard enclosures, our custom designs include retracting, fixed, low level and centre opening models. 0845 260 5177